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Sustainable underwear & essentials - our core values & ongoing mission

Find out how your favourite thine products are created, what sustainability and ethical certifications we’re working to and how our values are non-negotiable from design through to end product.

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Values & Mission

When it comes to who we work with, we’re super picky. We started this venture with the intention of creating super soft organic underwear and vests that we’re proud to shout about, and that would be our own everyday go-tos. To do this, we’ve committed to making sure ethical and sustainable best practices remain at the heart of the thine adventure, this starts at the design table and runs through every stage until the final product arrives at your door.

We invest in reforestation and soil carbon storage solutions for every order placed and proudly partner with farmers, factories and creatives that share our commitment to working responsibly and sustainably – and have the certifications to match. We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible and work with credible organisations to offset the rest.

Our supply chain partners are also dedicated to meaningful action to limit their environmental impact, such as the wonderful factory that makes all of the thine fabric and garments - they currently source over 70% of their energy from solar power and only use electric vehicles to transport our orders to us, before using boat to cross the channel…boats can take a little longer but we prefer to keep to fuel use down wherever possible.

Credentials our suppliers have include - Global Organic Textile Standard, Better Cotton Initiative and Organic Content Standard to name just a few.

it's about thine.

Our values are simple, focussed and woven into every garment.

Woman stood sideways stretching wearing thine organics black cotton cami vest and everyday brief

And the packaging and delivery?

The story doesn’t end with our organic underwear and vests, our commitment to sustainability continues to your front door through our packaging and delivery service. We’ve worked with some of the very best creative minds to develop packaging that keeps your garments safe and sound in transit, looking super snazzy on arrival and with no endless boxes to deal with afterwards. The funky designs make sure a package from us always brightens your day and the materials have been carefully selected for their sustainability credentials and lower environmental impact so once they’ve done their job, you can pop them out for recycling or in the compost bin.

We also take transport emissions seriously and alongside our printing and packaging partners, we've committed to being carbon neutral whilst we work towards our longer-term goal of being carbon negative.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll continue to limit our impact by reducing waste and carefully managing steps in our supply chain, in addition to increasing our investment in carbon offsetting and green initiatives whilst we continue researching ways to reach our carbon negative goal.

Stay tuned.

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