Woman sat in window seat with hands above her head wearing thine organics black cotton cami vest and everyday brief

Organic cotton underwear, designed in England.

Our how, why, where

How it started: compromising on comfort, coverage and values for years resulted in asking friends for their favourite underwear brand recommendations only to hear they had been compromising too.

Why is started: requests for recommendations from friends turned into a reversed call for brand suggestions...turns out we were all in the same boat.

Where it's going: our everyday styles have launched and more designs are in the works, follow us on Instagram to find out what's coming next.

Why organic cotton?

Organic cotton has been naturally cultivated and grown without synthetic agricultural chemicals typically used in conventional farming as fertiliser and disease/pest control. These chemicals, along with non-organic farming processes, can significantly increase health risks to farmers, neighboring communities and the local ecosystem*.

We choose to make our products from organic cotton to reduce our impact on people and planet, in addition to ensuring our pieces are soft enough for the most delicate skin and durable so they maintain quality and shape - making sure you get the most from your garments and ultimately reducing end-of-life waste. Organic cotton is also naturally biodegradable and because we don't use harmful dyes or chemicals, only the good stuff goes back into your compost heap.

The first organic cotton is thought to have been planted in the 1980s and offered a more sustainable, eco-friendly and biodynamic fabric option, despite this, it still only makes up around 2% of all cotton grown worldwide.

By choosing to buy organic cotton products, you’re helping to increase demand for this greener alternative and create a more sustainable and ethical textile industry.

*You can find more information about the benefits and positive impact of organic cotton via the the Soil Association's research available here.
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